This week we wanted to highlight some of the featured products in our current “Build Your Own Sweepstakes” in honor of Build Your Own Month! Below are some amazing products featured in the sweepstakes. You can also find these products at

Dominator Platinum 8GB DDR3-2133 (PC3-17000) CL9 Desktop Memory Kit (Two 4GB) from Corsair

This memory is highly screened for performance and stability so you know it’s going to perform exactly the way you want it to. LED lighting effects have also been added to this memory package to make your customer build look like the computer of your dreams. Get it now! –

The 240GB Sata 3 Neutron Series SSD from Corsair

This SSD drive works well for data intensive tasks such as image and video editing. This drive is going to be fast enough to do whatever you want to do with your super dream computer build and more. Grab it here –

The Obsidian 650D from Corsair

The Obsidian 650D from Corsair is made from strong steel parts. This case is also pre-spaced for a dual radiator and has tons of room for any type of modifications you want to pursue. Grab it here –

 Intel Core i7 3970X

The Intel Core i7 3970X is basically the cream of the crop here. This bad boy retails at $999.99 and packs a real punch. If you want a processor that will have no trouble doing anything at all, here it is! –

Many more products are included in the Build Your Own Sweepstakes this month! Keep checking back at to see them all. To enter the sweepstakes, click the link below!

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