After refusing to sign an apology for the failures of the new Maps app from Apple, head of iPhone software development Scott Forstall was forced to resign. He will stay at Apple for the next year as a an advisor to Tim Cook.

Being head of iPhone software development, Scott Forstall was a big proponent for the ideas of the late great Steve Jobs. Now that he has been forced to resign, one might wonder what direction Apple will take in future projects. Will future Apple products continue to look and feel the same way they have in the past?

Just out of speculation, textures and backgrounds that imitate real life could be one thing we see missing in future apple products.

Apple linen imageApple Book shelf image





The Linen texture above (left) and the book case (right) are just a few of the ideals that Forstall held true to after the passing of Steve Jobs.

What affect do you think this change will have on Apple?